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Self-Storage Units

Dying To Get Involved In Self Storage?

Ben and Jordan are here to help. 

We specialize in small to mid-size self storage financing, development and operations.


We are obsessed with the tiny details of our facilities and love to share notes!

With the goal of establishing relationships and looking for joint venture opportunities, we are glad to detail the process of investing in self storage. 

Wondering about the details?


Financing your deal?

ESS vs StoreEDGE vs StoragePug vs....? 

Raising capital? 

Finding a deal? 

Building a new facility? 

Marketing your facility?

SEO and self storage? 

How to remote manage? 

Finding a "boots on the ground" person? 

Types of loans for self storage? 

E-mail us and let's get you your first facility!

Looking for a deal?

Check out our "buy box" and best websites to find on-market deals. 

Kapper's Buy Box

Location: Anywhere in the country

Competition: prefer area where self storage is >$1.25/sqft/mo (this can vary greatly if purchasing an existing facility)

Median Household income: $80k+

Demand: <8 sqft/capita in local area (have your VA sign up for the free version of Stortrak “Explorer”.)

Zoning: Varies greatly by city so don't worry with the initial “buy box” (obviously you want to be able to build self-storage though).

Size: >20k sqft OR smaller with room for expansion

Other Pluses: poor management: no website, no Google Business, Check/cash only, expensive onsite manager that we can switch to remote,

Purchase price: MAX $100/sqft, preferred <$75/sqft

Wondering How We Split Equity?

See pinned post in our Facebook Group for a detailed walkthrough to make sure you are getting a fair deal!. 

Facebook Group and Kappers Deal Divider Video!

Places to find on-market storage deals

Self Storage Listings

Gorjian Acquisitions - there are dozens of Self-Storage focused facebook groups with varying degrees of activity. Many of them are highly active with frequent off-market facilities being posted for sale. 


Argus Self Storage

Storage Realty

List Self Storage 

Marcus Millichamp

Investment Real Estate LLC

Storage Source

CRD Realty​

MidCoast Properties

Lindsey Self Storage Group

Meridian Storage Group

Franklin Street

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