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The Best Self-Storage Resource List On The Internet

Running a self storage facility is an awesome experience but there are lots of vendors/partners and other resources to choose from.


We are aiming to build a complete list of all resources for self storage. We will include our (honest) opinion if we personally know a vendor. Otherwise, vendors can post a brief explanation of  their services. 

Want to have your website featured on this list?


Simply reach out and we will add you!


We only ask that you add a link to this blog site on your website as well.

Self Storage Management Software

ESS - The Investing Storage Opinion: "Having used ESS for several years we are happy with what they offer although their product is a tad limited. Simple, cheap and easy to use websites. Use ESS if you are a smaller facility that wants to save some money but still have a website capable of online booking, customer management and gate control functionality.

Storage Pug - beautifully designed self storage management software. Check out some of their example websites.



Doorswap - is an awesome self storage management platform with straightforward tiered pricing and a lovely interface. Originally from the UK, they are now making a push to the US market. The team is responsive and very owner friendly. The Investing Storage Opinion: "Definitly reach out and see what they are all about!". 

Self Storage Marketing

Storage Pug - Storage Pug is a self storage management platform that also offers SEO services. 

The Storage Agency - A cost-effective self storage focused digital marketing company that specialized in local SEO, Google and content marketing. 

Local Biz Digital

Automatit - A Self storage digital marketing company. - Cold e-mail blast platform. Prefered by several digital marketing professionals that I have spoke with. 

Construction and Development Companies

RSB Environmental - The Investing Storage Opinion: "Nationwide, cost effective, fast ALTA Surveys. 👍"

Delaney's Roofing - Metal Roof Coatings

Lucas I&E - Mini Storage Building Supplier - We can sell buildings to any state but California. 

Miller Buildings - Self storage buildings including prefab.

Self Storage Ninjas - Feasibility Studies and More

SteelCo Buildings - Prefabricated Steel & Metal Buildings


Copper Storage Solutions - self storage management and demand studies

Legal Resources

Meg Cooper Law 


Self Storage Legal Network

Barron And Associates

Self Storage Financing

Live Oak Bank - The Investing Storage Opinion: "It's Live Oak Bank, these guys are pros."

Bank Five Nine - The Investing Storage Opinion: "It's Bank Five Nine, these guys are pros."

Brockwell Capital

Accounting and Cost Segregation

Magen Smith, CPA

O'Conner Tax Reduction - The self proclaimed tax reduction experts who are capable of performing a cost segregation study for your facility. 

Self Storage Supplies

All From 1 Supply - The Investing Storage Opinion: "Highly recommend, easy to use, fast shipping and good prices."

Chateau Products - The Investing Storage Opinion: "A great supplied but no easy to use online interface. Consider All From 1 Supply if you just need to buy 1 or 2 items quickly. That said we use both Chateau and All From 1 Supply."

Supply Side Self Storage Supplies

Insurance for Self Storage Owners

Texas Select Insurance Group


Storage First

Building Your First Facility?

Ben and Jordan @ Investing Storage - This is US! Of course we love these guys. We are happy to partner with new self storage developers and walk you through the deal. 

Self Storage Listings

Gorjian Acquisitions - there are dozens of Self-Storage focused facebook groups with varying degrees of activity. Many of them are highly active with frequent off-market facilities being posted for sale. 


Argus Self Storage

Storage Realty

List Self Storage 

Marcus Millichamp

Investment Real Estate LLC

Storage Source

CRD Realty

MidCoast Properties

Lindsey Self Storage Group

Meridian Storage Group

Franklin Street


Call Centers for Self Storage

Moody Call Center - The Investing Storage Opinion: "We use 'em and love 'em." Message us personally for contact details.

ESS Call Center - The Investing Storage Opinion: "Unfortunately we had to change call centers, their service left room for improvement. We still love ESS as a platform though!"


Due Diligence Tools for Self Storage - Circular population data. - Check if your location is full of dirty things that the EPA (nor tenants) dislikes. - Check if your facility is going to occupied by alligators and egrets. - Wetlands map, USGS. Check and see if you are building your facility underwater - FEMA flood zone map. 

Content/SEO/Digital Marketing Tools for Self Storage - AI is getting more powerful and can now generate art, music and even content like blog posts. Now, this content is not perfect AND Google had a recent update that penalized obviously low quality AI generate content. However, tools like are PERFECT ways to generate an outline for a blog post or get the basics. Then you clean it up, fill in the blanks and put the final touches on your self storage blog post. 

SurferSEO - According to their website, SurferSEO will give you a step-by-step SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rank.  This tool uses AI to edit content and make it SEO optimized. A perfect tool to pair with 

Google Keyword Planner - A free to use and simple tool for targeting self storage keywords. All your favorite keywords like "self storage investing", "self storage development companies" and "self storage developers".

The Investing Storage Video on Self Storage Digital Marketing

Graphic Design Software

Pixlr - trying to edit photos of your self-storage facility so it looks extra pretty for social media? Then check out this easy free editor. This is what my virtual assistants use. - image upscale tool


Miscellaneous Self Storage Resources

Owner Change .co - "Setup your self-storage management software and transition tenants in under 5 days". The Investing Storage Opinion: "We haven't  actually used these guys but 100% plan to. Switching platforms and onboarding new tenants can be a huge hassle and this company solves the problem!"

Noonlight - An awesome personal security app that has a free tier. You should be offering this to your customers. 

Self Storage Auctions 

Self Storage Association

Late2Lien - According to their website, Late2Lien is a "turnkey solution for automating your Late through Lien Sale process. Powered by the requirements and timelines outlined in each state's statute, the Late2Lien™ engine provides an all-encompassing, fully-automated, easy-to-use system for accurately completing each step along the way." Investing Storage Opinion is still pending (we just signed up for them!). - Similar to Late2Lien, lockerfox allows self storage owners to automate their selff-storage auctions. They work with SiteLink, storEDGE and Yardi Store. They also have a mobile app.

Batch Dialer - Cold calling batch dialer. The Investing Storage Opinion: "Hey we don't want to give away our secret sauce for deal flow!"

Mule Box  - Looking for prefab storage containers that can stack?

Boxwell - Looking for prefab storage units? 

Universal Storage Containers - prefab storage units.

Hubstaff- time tracking for virtual assistants.

HomeJab - Need to hire a photographer for your self storage facility? Hire a photographer to snap some pictures with HomeJab. This seems like a no brainer to me. The benefits of having good images for your website, Facebook or Google Business Profile are obvious. Spend a couple hundred buck and show your customers (or buyers if you are selling your facility) the beautiful side of your facility. 

Betco - prefab storage units.

Janus - MASS  relocatable self storage units.


The Storage Rebel - A self-self storage interest group with many active users. The Investing Storage Opinion: "I use this all the time! Definitely a useful resource."


Tribevest - An investing platform that allows friend and families to easily form an group and invest in companies together. The Investing Storage Opinion: "Absolutely awesome and revolutionary product!"

FloodZero - Per their website, they provide flood zone correction, determination and removal services. I could see this being incredibly useful for self-storage owners that want to reduce their flood insurance costs. 

Military Search 


Rytr - (we love this one!) AI writing tool that makes writing blog posts WAY easier

REO Cost Seg - Fast, cost effective cost segregation.

Birdeye - Birdeye is a digital marketing platform that offers: reviews, listings, messaging, surveys, referrals etc. However, they will also help get your Google Business Profile Verified. If you have ever deal with issues related to Google Business Profile verification, you know how frustrating and difficult it could be. Birdeye, while offering a suite of digital marketing resources, also assists with Google Business Profile verification.

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